About The Rook & Ragbag

Feorcyþðe beoð selran gesohte þæm þe him selfa deah.

Distant lands are best sought by one who is worthy in himself.
— Beowulf (1838-9)

The Story Behind the Name

There is a traditional scene in every high fantasy novel where one or many of the characters find themselves in the local tavern where refreshing drinks and rich folklore flow amid the bustle of the locals and travelers.

Despite its status as a worn-out trope, the tavern scene is a pivotal scene because it allows the writer to convey local color, elaborate on the world's legends, and change the pacing of the plot. 

I imagine that my mind is a bit like one of these mythical taverns where characters, ideas, and action mix in a stream of shared time and stories. The Rook & Ragbag is a mishmash of imaginings and thoughts, like a cozy corner in that tavern of my mind. 

It's a place for the writing life in stories and songs by the fire. It's a place for history and fantasy as locals reminisce over a cup of honeyed mead at the bar. It's advice from the weathered traveler just in from off the road. There's a bit of knitting, reading, or dreaming in the quieter rooms upstairs.

Stable your horse out back and come inside for a spell.